Brief information on extraction, sale and storage of coal in the first quarter of 2018


 During the reporting period of the 12 enterprises, 9 coal mines of the Republic of Tajikistan have a license for coal extraction, with the exception of seasonal activity of only 5 enterprises and in total 185378 tons of coal for the amount of 27.6 million somoni were extracted, in comparison to the same period last year, it was  23.9 thousand tons or 114.8% more.


The production activity of these enterprises is established according to the established procedure based on the development projects and the plan of the development of the annual mountain works by the relevant agencies, depending on the annual calendar.

In the reporting period, the share of enterprises of FC mine “Fon-Yaghob” – 84 thousand tons (or 45.3% of coal extracted in the republic) and the Department of Production of LLC “Metallurgy Enterprises” – it is  55.3 thousand tons (or 30%).

According to the data of enterprises were included in the reporting period, 14 pieces dropping techniques and underground equipment in the amount of 14.1 million somoni were included. This has enabled that 68 new permanent jobs will be created.

Continuously increase the demand for different sectors of the republic with coal requirements importance of new production capacities and especially with regard of mountain and technical conditions of the location of coal layers of the majority of the fields of the republic demands to establish the  underground extraction.

In order to regulate and comply with market rules and regulations

– the open processing project with a capacity of 800 thousand tons and underground extraction of coal with a capacity of 200 thousand tons in the Eastern region of coal mine of “Fon-Yaghnob” the enterprise LLC “Fon-Yaghnob” factory in the Department of “Tajik Metallurgical Combine” in the central area of named mine the extraction of capacity of 318 thousand tons and up to 1 million tons of underground developed by the authorities and was agreed, is currently being used.

Currently, the project capacity of the enterprises is more than 3,4 mln. tones, and their production capacities will contribute to extraction of more than 2 million tons of coal.